Adhaan of a Na-Baaligh Child

QUESTION: I would like to know if a young boy aged 11-12 years old who is not Baaligh, may call out the Adhaan? Would the Adhaan be valid if the boy called it out after nobody else went forward to call out the Adhaan? ANSWER: If a child of understanding age calls out...

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Calling Athaan before its time has commenced

QUESTION: In our town, the Asr salaah sets in at 4:06pm for Hanafis. Is it permissible to give the Azaan at 4pm and have the Jamaat at 4:15pm, as the majority of the Musallees follow the Hanafi Madhab? ANSWER: The Adhaan should only be called after the Salaah time...

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Where should Muazzin stand for second Adhaan on Jumuah

Question:- Where should the Muazzin stand when giving the second Adhaan for Jumuah? Answer:- It is best that the Adhaan is called before the Khateeb (one delivering the Khutbah) in the Masjid. This has been the continuous practice for centuries. بين يديه أي بين...

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Making Salaam at the time of Adhaan

Question:- Is it correct to make Salaam to one that is calling the Adhaan, or responding to the Adhaan? Answer:- In Ashraful Ahkaam, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahimahullah has written that one should not make Salaam on the following occasions: When someone is engaged...

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Responding to the Adhaan at the time of Iftaar

Question:- At the time of Iftaar during the month of Ramadaan, should we stop eating and respond to the Adhaan when the Muazzin pauses, or should we respond to the entire Adhaan and then partake of Iftaar? Answer:- There is no doubt that responding to the Adhaan is of...

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Should a menstruating woman respond to the Adhaan

Question:- We came across a Mas'ala which states that it is Makrooh for a woman in the state of Haidh to reply to the Adhaan. Most of us were unaware of this ruling. Can you kindly explain the following: 1) What is the reason for this? (By asking this question by no...

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Zuhr Adhaan during Zawaal time

Question:- 1. What is the ruling if Zuhr Adhaan is called during Zawaal time? 2. Is the time of Zawaal the full 5 minutes as advertised on the Salaah time tables? Answer:-  1. The Zuhr Adhaan should be called out after Zawaal, and not during Zawaal time, as the time...

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Calling the Adhaan from the Masjid

Question:- What is the ruling with regard to calling the Adhaan from the Masjid? Some Masaajid have the mic next to the Mimbar for the Muaddhin to call out Adhaan. Answer:-  The Muazzin should call the Adhaan from an elevated area so that his voice may reach the...

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