Salaah Of The Traveller

Imitation crab and seaweed

QUESTION: 1. Is Seaweed and imitation crab permissible for Hanafis to consume? 2. If a Hanafi is going to travel or is a traveler, can he read Asr when Shafi Asr sets in, or should he wait for Hanafi Asr? ANSWER: 1. Crab sticks, imitation crab, or seafood sticks are a...

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Qasr Salaah on Safr

QUESTION: I am going on holiday for 26 days. Do I perform Salaah in full, or Qasr? ANSWER: If you will be travelling more than 77 kilometres, and intend staying at your destination for 15 days or more, then you will perform full Salaah. If after reaching your...

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Making Itmaam during Safr

QUESTION: Can a Musaafir read full four Rakaats whilst travelling? If one has been doing so, is his Salaah valid? ANSWER: 1. Yes, it is necessary for the Musaafir to make Qasr if he had undertaken a journey of 77 kilometres or more. Intentionally making Itmaam during...

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Qasr in previous Watn-e-Asli

QUESTION:- I have been living in the Middle East with my family for the last ten years. We will be visiting our family in Pakistan for ten days. We don't own any home there and will be staying with our parents. Should we offer Qasr Salah, or full Salah? ANSWER:- It...

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Salaah on an aeroplane

QUESTION:- If a person is travelling by air, and is not permitted to read his Salaah in the aisle or elsewhere on the plane, what should he do? ANSWER:- If you are not permitted to stand and offer your Salaah on the plane, or the plane is so small that to perform...

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Tayammum on an aeroplane

QUESTION:- If I am travelling on an aeroplane and I need to make Ghusl, how should I go about doing so? Will making Tayammum suffice? ANSWER:- In the queried scenario, if there are no facilities to make Ghusl on the airplane (as the lavatory area does not accommodate...

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