Marrying one’s biological sister’s milk-brother

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a girl to get married to her biological sister's milk-brother? ANSWER: We assume that your query relates to a boy and girl drinking milk from a lady besides their own parents, in other words, she is neither the boy’s mother, nor the...

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Siblings of grandparents qualifying as Mahaarim

QUESTION: Are my mother’s father’s brother and mother’s mother's brother my Mahram as well? ANSWER: Yes, both your grandparents’ siblings qualify as Mahrams to you. وتحرم عليه أخواته وعماته وخالاته بالنص وهو قوله عز وجل: {وأخواتكم وعماتكم وخالاتكم} [النساء: 23] سواء...

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Being a Mahram to one’s mother-in-law

QUESTION:- Is the son-in-law classified as a Mahram to his mother-in-law? ANSWER:- Yes, a son-in-law is a Mahram to his mother-in-law. ثمَّ أم الزَّوْجَة تحرم بِنَفس العقد على الْبِنْت وَلَا يشْتَرط الدُّخُول بالبنت حَتَّى إِن من تزوج امْرَأَة تحرم عَلَيْهِ أمهَا دخل...

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Hugging one’s mother-in-law

Question:- I would like to know if it's permissible for a boy to specifically hug his mother-in-law, and similarly, is a girl allowed to hug her father-in-law. What if the father-in-law or mother-in-law say that they hugging out of affection, and not because of...

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Husband being a Mahram to his wife’s maternal aunt

Question:- I wanted to find out if my husband is a Mahram of my Khala's while I'm alive? Would it be okay for her to travel with us using my husband as a Mahram, over Musafir distances? Answer:- A Mahram refers to a person that one is never able to marry, either due...

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Child born five months after Nikah

Question:- A Nikah was performed in my family, and now, five months later, the wife gave birth to a baby boy. Is the Nikah valid? Answer:- In the queried scenario, the Nikah will be valid. However, the child will not be attributed to the father, rather he will be...

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First wife making Purdah from the second wife’s son

Question:- In the case where a man has two wives and his second wife gives birth to his son, will the first wife have to observe Purdah from this son once he reaches the age of puberty? Answer:- It is not permissible for one to marry his father’s wife hence, the...

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