Haidh And Nifaas

Reciting Durood, Istighfaar and Duas during menses

QUESTION: Can we recite various Durood, Istighfaar and Duas while menstruating? ANSWER: A lady is permitted to recite all forms of Durood, Istighfaar and Duas during her menstrual cycle. [Re:Kitaab-un-Nawaazil Vol:3 Pg:182-183/Pg:186-187] قال في الدر المختار: ولا بأس...

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Haa’idha giving Ghusl to deceased

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a woman in Haidh/menses to be assisting with Ghusl? ANSWER: Our view is that a female in a state of Haidh should not participate in the Ghusl of the deceased. واختلفوا في اخراج الحائض والنفساء من عنده (نور الايضاح) عن إبراهيم قال كانوا...

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Intimacy during Haidh

QUESTION: 1. If an individual succumbs to his Nafs and has relations during Haidh - is Taubah sufficient? 2. Is it Fardh to give charity after the above sin. If yes, what is the stipulated amount? 3. If one is limited on finances will a verbal Taubah or any amount of...

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Females in Nifaas emerging from their rooms

QUESTION: What is the ruling in Shariah regarding Nifaas as opposed to the Indian custom where a lady in Nifaas cannot leave her house and should stay secluded in a room because she is Napaak? Also, will she be allowed to attend a Walimah? ANSWER: There is no...

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Yellow discharge during the days of Haidh

QUESTION: I have a 15-day Tuhr and 10-day Haidh habit. I've noticed the yellowish discharge is constant. There aren't any days that are clear or white discharge. The 10 days of bleeding actual blood is falling in my days of Istihaadha, while the days of yellow...

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Memorizing Ahadith during Haidh

QUESTION: Is it permissible for a woman in Haidh to learn and memorize Ahadith? ANSWER: There is no problem in touching the Kitaabs of Ahadith or memorizing Ahadith during Haidh. However, the menstruating woman should not recite the verses of the Quraan or touch the...

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Unable to complete Umrah due to Haidh

QUESTION: I would like to find out what is the Mas'ala regarding a female who is gone for Umrah and gets her Haidh before completing her Umrah. She therefore does not get to make her Umrah, and it is time to leave Makkah Mukarramah. What should she do? ANSWER: If a...

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