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My understanding of females trimming their hair after Umrah is done by taking two fingers and twisting them, and thereafter trimming the ends. This comes to +- 4 cm. I read that it should be 2 cm. With regret in my heart, I knew I was twisting my fingers and trimming more than required because I don’t trim my hair, this was the only time I was allowed to trim it from an Islamic point of view. Is this Haraam? I realized that I could be committing a sin because my intention was incorrect. My hair became unhealthy, though it did not affect my health .I took advantage of this excuse to trim my hair, but did not over indulge. A large twist of the two fingers appeared like a comfortable amount, but I realized it could be a sin and I am now regretful. Please advice!


Hair equivalent to the length of the first joint of the forefinger must be trimmed.

والتقصير ان ياخذ من رؤس شعره مقدار الانملة (مراقي الفلح 1/278)

والمراد بالتقصير أن يأخذ الرجل أو المرأة من رءوس شعر ربع الرأس مقدار الأنملة كذا ذكر الشارح، ومراده أن يأخذ من كل شعرة مقدار الأنملة كما صرح به في المحيط (البحر الرائق 2/372)

Re: – Fataawa Mahmoodiyya Vol.15 Pg.421

Furthermore, it was incorrect for you to trim your hair intentionally more than the above mentioned amount. Besides trimming the hair to remove one’s Ihraam, it is not permissible for women to trim or cut the hair. You should therefore repent to Allah for your action. For a detail ruling on this subject matter, we have reproduced the following Fatwa:

It is not permissible for a woman to cut her hair in Islam. There are many narrations that prove this which we will quote below:

عن قتادة عن خلاس بن عمرو عن علي قال : نهى رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم أن تحلق المرأة رأسها (سنن الترمذي)

Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam prohibited that a woman trims her hair. (Tirmidhi)

حَدَّثَنَا رَوْحُ بْنُ عَطَاءِ بْنِ أَبِي مَيْمُونَةَ ، قَالَ : حَدَّثَنِي أَبِي ، عَنْ وَهْبِ بْنِ عُمَيْرٍ ، قَالَ : سَمِعْتُ عُثْمَانَ ، يَقُولُ : نَهَى رَسُولُ اللهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم أَنْ تَحْلِقَ الْمَرْأَةُ رَأْسَهَا. (مسند بزار)

Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam prohibited that a woman trims her hair. (Musnad-e-Bazzaar)

قلت : والحلق عام للقص ايضا كما ذكر فشمله الحديث والله اعلم (امداد الفتاوي ص229 ج4)

Imdaadul Fataawa states that the word ‘Halq’, which literally means, to shave, or removing the hair (as stated in the above-mentioned narrations), include trimming of the hair as well, meaning it is prohibited for ladies to trim their hair.

ولا يجوز للمراة قطع شعرها ولو باذن الزوج (الاشباخ والنظائر ص14 ج2)

Cutting the hair is not permitted for women, even though the husband permits her to do so.

In conclusion, trimming of the hair due to western fashion, or to please the husband, is not permitted. However, if the hair reaches the buttock or posterior and seems defective, then the hair hanging below the posterior may be trimmed. [Re: – Fataawa Rahimiyyah Pg.120 Vol.10] Also, in the case of split ends, one is permitted to trim the ends only to enhance growth. However, this should not be used as an excuse to continuously trim the hair and thereby keep it short. We may deceive others by making various excuses but Allah Ta’ala is fully aware of our intentions.



Maulana Abdul Kader Fazlani

Date: 17 Ramadaan 1445 / 28 March 2024


Mufti Mohamed Desai


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